About us

Experience and innovation

We are a technology company that specializes in software development for the dental radiology segment. We are based in Brazil, one of the largest dental markets in the world, where we have held, for decades, a clear leadership position in the sector. 

Our mission is to connect all players of the dentistry market, from radiology centers and dental offices to patients. For more than 30 years our systems and APIs enabled the creation, distribution, visualization and storage of dental charts (exams, reports and digital images) of millions of patients.

To achieve these objectives we use our own developed platforms, components and tools, with special emphasis, to our AI R&D development team and cutting edge AI technology, developed and deployed in the last 5 years in our local Brazilian market.

Our numbers

We own iDoc, the largest integrated dental health portal in Latin America. With the undisputed lead in the dental radiology sector, we are responsible for more than 80% of all acquisition and distribution of dental radiologic data in the country.

40 million

Patients served 

(800.000 new / month)


Dentists (100.000 

recurring users / month)

200 million

Images (4 million new 

data points / month)


Education institutions use 

ours systems (free of charge)


Participation in radiology 

specialization courses

100+ hundreds

Publications comparing and attesting correctness and reliability of our systems

Good examples of articles about our cephalometry AI assistant that where published in important international journals can be found in the links below:


Our solid position in the local market helped us develop a wide variety of integrations and partnerships with all kinds of dental companies.

Some of the many projects that compose our business portfolio:

Coupling our storage and distribution solutions with 

x-ray machines and CT scanners;

Interfacing our data visualization and managing 

capabilities with dental practice management systems;

Providing AI capabilities to insurance companies 

and service providers.

We are actively searching for foreign partners to join us in promising and lasting projects to expand our presence in the global market. With world class cutting edge technology and robust and proven platforms, components and processes, used by hundreds of thousands of professionals, we are confident that we have what it takes to accelerate our expansion and success in the global market.

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