Potential partners

We offer a wide variety of products and world class AI technologies/services. 

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Coupled with decades of experience in the sector in one of the largest dental markets in the world, we are well prepared and optimistic for this new phase of expansion into the global market.

We believe that our products and APIs can be of interest to many partner profiles.

X-ray machine and CT

 scanner manufacturers

Manual cephalometric

exams software companies



Dental practice management 

software companies

Other radiology report /

exams software companies



Dental software commercial representatives 

Offshore radiology 

report providers

Universities and other academic institutions

Listed below are some of the potential use cases.

X-ray machine and CT scanner manufacturers

Several levels and possibilities of hardware software integration to enrich the overall aggregated value of the equipment.

Dental practice management software companies

Several levels of software to software integration to add new and exciting options to the partner’s software portfolio. A component based approach gives our tools great integration flexibility and enables embedding in any web based software.

Dental software commercial representatives

These partners can sell directly to the end users (dental professionals and clinics).

Manual cephalometric exams software companies

Other radiology report/exams software companies

Radiology report providers

Insurance companies

Insurance companies have several uses for the technology offered in our AI portfolio.

Another possibility is the development of personalized AI detection schemes based on each partner's needs. Insurance companies have sufficient volume to make these tailored solutions negotiable.

Governmental institutions

Universities and other academic institutions

We are very friendly towards academic institutions and have an active academic licensing program to enable research and student development using our products.

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