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We are a technology company that specializes in software development for the dental radiology segment. We are based in Brazil, one of the largest dental markets in the world, where we have held, for decades, a clear leadership position in the sector. 

Moreover we own iDoc, the largest in integrated dental health portal in Latin America.

40 millionPatients served (800.000 new / month)
300.000Dentists (100.000 recurring users / month)
200 millionImages (4 million new data points / month)
100+Education institutions use ours systems (free of charge)
25+Participation in radiology specialization courses
100+ hundredsAcademic publications related to ours systems and technologies

We are actively searching for foreign partners to join us in promising and lasting projects to expand our presence in the global market.


We use our own developed platforms, components and tools, with special emphasis, to our AI R&D development team and cutting edge AI technology. Based on a web component model, our products are very flexible and can be integrated in several interesting ways to all kinds of potential partners.


World class proprietary AI technology in API format to enable seamless integration with other software platforms, components and tools.

Access to a massive amount of anonymized data gave us the opportunity to create and train world class models to perform a host of useful functions, detections and procedures that were packaged in the products described above, but are also provided in a flexible and organized API, that is available for use by our business partners.

Here you can find the documentation for complete list of services provided by our AI API, with their description, example result images and even some sample code showing how to use the available services.

For more detailed info on the AI API please visit the Products page.


AI powered automatic cephalometric analysis tool.

CefBot is our main AI powered tool, capable of automatically performing the main cephalometric exams without human intervention. Its simplicity and reliability speaks for itself.

Proofs of its robustness and reliability are these recent publications on important international journals:

For more detailed info on CefBot please visit the Products page.


AI powered report / dental charting

RadioBot is our main active AI research project and its first production ready version is scheduled to go to market in the first half of 2023. 

It aggregates several of our AI models and heuristics to perform an analysis of the target panoramic x-ray and create a pre-diagnostic report of the patient, assisting the dental professional responsible, helping with standardization and saving time.

For more detailed info on RadioBot please visit the Products page.


Interactive web based CT scans visualization / manipulation tool

TomoNav is our CT scans web navigation tool.

It uses our proprietary AI to analyze the volume data and pre-organize all relevant cuts to enable visualizing the necessary portions of the scan already annotated and aligned with regards to the patient's anatomy and occlusal plane.

It makes the professional's life easier by automating the difficult 3D aspects of preparing the scan for diagnostic analysis.

For more detailed info on TomoNav please visit the Products page.

iDocLargest integrated dental health portal in Latin America

iDoc is our crown jewel at the same time that it serves as our technology showcase. 

Our base business model is based on the acquisition, distribution, storage and visualization of patient data. iDoc is the portal that aggregates all this information, and at the same time houses all the tools necessary to interact, visualize, share and work on this data.

The architecture is based on a web components model, that enables us to share/integrate the whole solution (for end user use for ex.), or the modules separately, depending on the partners use case and market scenario.

For more detailed info on iDoc please visit the Products page.

Potential partners

Based on a web component model, our technology is very flexible and can be integrated in several interesting ways to all kinds of potential partners and software.

Listed below are some of these target profiles and possible use cases for potential partnerships:

X-ray machine and CT

 scanner manufacturers

Manual cephalometric

exams software companies



Dental practice management 

software companies

Other radiology report /

exams software companies



Dental software commercial representatives 

Offshore radiology 

report providers

Universities and other academic institutions

For more detailed info on possible integration scenarios and partnership possibilities please visit the

Potential partners page


Radio Memory’s history and experience speaks for itself through it's users and clients


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